Sport Mobility Buggy

Strong Metal Tube Frame Zinc Phosphate for Rust Protection then Powder Coated
Strengthened High Density Poly-propylene fittings


- Safety wrist strap
- Footrest
- Five point Chest Centre safety harness
- Removable rear wheels
- Canopy viewing window - EVA Puncture proof tyres
- Removable canopy - Swivel front wheels
- Parcel tray - Chassis safety lock
- Storm Cover - Comfortable hand grip
- One touch braking
Code: Product Name: Details:
9040 Pedigree Mobility Buggy Navy / Wineberry Frame

68cm wide
95cm wheelbase
101cm handle height
70cm Bottom of Seat to the top of Canopy
90cm Back of the Seat to the Footrest
Folded, wheels on:
68cm wide
97cm long
38cm high
Folded wheels off:
52cm wide
97cm long
33cm high

Frame Extension
-Longer frame to accommodate older children
Buggy Weight
-16kgs - With Conversion Bar attached
Multi Purpose Buggy
-Used in all terrain's from Home, Shopping, Rural, Beaches, Outdoors
-Designed for use by Caregivers of Disabled Children as an alternative to a Wheel Chair
-Gives greater access to a variety of terrain
-Has good balance and stability
Up to 45Kgs
-Strong Tubular Steel Frame is Designed with Strength that allows up to 45 Kg Child / Young Adult
-Built Tough to go the Distance last a Lifetime
-Padded Seat and Back Support for added comfort
-Extra Support Straps at Back and Under Legs
-UV Stabilized Fabrics to protect from sunlight
Canopy -Raised Canopy Height allows for older children to sit in comfort
-Viewing Window in top Canopy
E.V.A. Tyres
-Don't need Pumping up
-No Punctures
-Long lasting
Strength and Durability -The Icon Buggy that People Pass onto Friends and Family
-Metal Frame and Construction to ensure Strength Safety and Durability
Canopy Viewing Window -So caregiver can see child without having to go around the front of the buggy. Also child can look up at caregiver.
Removable Hood -For washing
Removable Wheels -More compact folding to save boot space
Safety Features -4 Wheel Buggy for Extra Stability
-Chest Centre Five Point Safety Harness
-One Touch Braking System
-Wrist Strap
-Chassis Safety Lock Levers
Pedigree Warranty -New Zealand Manufacturer has produced a superior product that they stand by Two Year Frame Warranty
-Backed up by full parts inventory

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