Tuff Trike And Tuff Trailer

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3114 Tuff Trike 2½ years - 6 years
3120 Tuff Trailer 2½ years - 6 years

Blow Molded Wheels with Rubber Vinyl Tyres -Chunky stylish looks
-Quieter running and lasts longer
Steel Frame, Metal Bin -Will stand up to years of punishment giving value for money
Colours -Red, Blue, Pink and Purple
Easy to assemble -For parent's peace of mind when assembling
-Replacement parts readily available

Tri-ang Trike - Specially designed Metal trike with your 2½ years to 6 years old in mind
- Special thought has been put into the design of the seat, your child's leg length and pedals so the child can really enjoy the ride!
12" Front Wheel -Will allow children of an average size 2½ years and up to ride it!
Ergonomically designed hand grips -Gives the child better grip for steering
Adjustable Handle Bars -Maintains child's comfort, control as they grow
Padded Vinyl Seat -Comfortable for the child
-Adjustable to allow for child's growth
Tri-ang push handle accessory available -Gives the caregiver control of the trike, help push the trike and gives the child a great sense of security.

Tri-ang Trailer -Specially designed metal trailer with your 2½ years to 6 years old in mind
Hang Hook -Hang on wall, save floor space

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